A Note on The English Intelligencer

With reference to The English Intelligencer, a word of explanation. This worksheet came out between 1966 and 1968, under the editorship of Andrew Crozier (1st ser.), Peter Riley (2nd ser.), and Andrew Crozier again (3rd ser.); Prynne was responsible for printing the journal, and he assembled the supplement ‘This is personal’ at the close of the 1st series and assisted in assembling the 3rd series. It is difficult to standardise TEI’s bibliographical citations, not least because each set of the journal tends to be slightly different. It is an unbound series of broadsheet pages, and was sent out at irregular intervals. There were three series, and the transitions between series on both occasions were rather unclear (the commencement of the 2nd series was repeatedly announced in the journal’s pages before the transition was effected; the beginning of the 3rd series was marked by the introduction of several sheafs of ink-spattered paper, though the final issue of the 2nd series seems to have been published following the first issue of the 3rd series). As a result, different libraries catalogue TEI in different ways, often numbering the fascicles according to different systems (Cambridge UL does not restart numbering with the beginning of the 3rd series, for instance).

When I cite The English Intelligencer here, I list series, followed by the ‘issue’ number [tentative; currently based on the example set by Certain Prose of The English Intelligencer, eds. Neil Pattison, Reitha Pattison and Luke Roberts (Cambridge: Mountain Press, 2012/2014 (2nd ed.))], followed by an approximate date of publication (based upon dated contributions, references and editorial matter printed in the journal), followed by page number. I rely for these citations upon J.H. Prynne’s full set of TEI. I should add that the present issue numbering is known to be incorrect, and will be altered as soon as additional information has been ascertained.