Works by and about the poet

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Last updated 23 September 2022.

The outline of the bibliography is as follows:

I. Work by J.H. Prynne
(a) Published Poems
(b) Published Poetry Books
(c) Published Prose [essays, reviews, interviews, lectures, letters, forewords and afterwords]
(d) Publications Edited by Prynne
(e) Published Recordings
(f) Uncollected Poems
(g) Uncollected Prose
(h) Uncollected Letters
(i) Uncollected Recordings
(j) Appendix: Additional Publication Details [print run of editions; name and location of the printer, typesetter, binder, designer, distributor, where known]
II. Work about J.H. Prynne
(k) Major Critical Discussion [book-length and article-focus]
(l) Minor Critical Discussion / Prynne in Other People’s Art [notables]
(m) Recordings and Compositions
(n) Dedications and Acknowledgements
(o) Not-Prynne
(p) Miscellanea &c.

At the author’s request, online and printed materials relating solely to the university, as well as occasional contributions to online discussions, are not included in this bibliography.

Unpublished and unrecorded readings, lectures, courses and conference papers by or about J.H. Prynne are also beyond the scope of this bibliography.