Published Poetry Books

Force of Circumstance and Other Poems. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1962.

Kitchen Poems. London: Cape Goliard Press, 1968; New York: Grossman Publishers Inc., 1968. 

Day  Light  Songs. Pampisford, Cambridgeshire and Cheltenham, Gloucestershire: R. Books, July 1968 [composed 15th June 1968].

Aristeas. London: Ferry Press, 1968.

The White Stones. Lincoln: Grosseteste Press, 1969.

Fire Lizard. Barnet, Hertfordshire: Blacksuede Boot Press, 1970 [composed New Year’s Day 1970].

Brass. London: Ferry Press, 1971.

Into the Day. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Ferry Press), 1972.

A Night Square. London: Albion Village Press, 1973 [composed Candlemas 1971].

Wound Response. Cambridge: Street Editions, 1974.

Chansons à la Journée-Lumière. [French translation of Day  Light  Songs, by B. Dubourg] Damazan (Lot-et-Garonne): privately printed, 1975.

Lézard de Feu. [French translation of Fire Lizard, by B. Dubourg] Damazan (Lot-et-Garonne): privately printed, 1975.

Poèmes de Cuisine. [French translation of Kitchen Poems, by B. Dubourg and J.H. Prynne] Damazan (Lot-et-Garonne): privately printed, 1975.

High Pink on Chrome. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Ferry Press), 1975.

News of Warring Clans. London: Trigram Press, 1977.

Down where changed. London: Ferry Press, 1979.

Du Nouveau dans la Guerre des Clans. [French translation of News of Warring Clans, by B. Dubourg and J. H. Prynne] Damazan (Lot-et-Garonne): privately printed, 1980.

Poems. Edinburgh and London: Agneau 2, 1982.

The Oval Window. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through DS (The Book Shop)), 1983.

Marzipan. [with ‘Massepain’, French translation of ‘Marzipan’, by B. Dubourg and J. H. Prynne] Cambridge: Poetical Histories, 2; printed and distributed by Peter Riley (Books), 1986.

Bands Around the Throat. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Ferry Press), 1987. Printed in two different impressions.

Sand og Kobber. [Norwegian translation of selected poems, by Torleiv Grue] Oslo: Forlaget Oktober, 1989.

Word Order. Kenilworth, Warwickshire: Prest Roots Press, 1989.

[Jie ban mi Shi Hu]. [reproduced from author-holograph, in original Chinese] Cambridge: Poetical Histories, 22; printed and distributed by Peter Riley (Books), 1992 [2nd printing, 2004].

Not-You. Cambridge: Equipage, 1993.

Her Weasels Wild Returning. Cambridge: Equipage, 1994.

For the Monogram. Cambridge: Equipage, 1997.

Red D Gypsum. Cambridge [Massachusetts]: Barque Press, 1998.

Pearls That Were. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Equipage), 1999.

Poems. South Fremantle, Western Australia: Fremantle Arts Centre Press / Folio (Salt); Newcastle upon Tyne: Bloodaxe Books, 1999.

Triodes. Cambridge: Barque Press, 1999.

Unanswering Rational Shore. Glasgow: Object Permanence, 2001.

The Oval Window. [unaltered reprint of the 1983 text, designed by Ian Friend] Brisbane: Brisbane City Council, 2002.

Acrylic Tips. Cambridge: Barque Press, 2002.

Furtherance. [unaltered reprint of Red D Gypsum; Pearls That Were; Triodes; Unanswering Rational Shore] Great Barrington, Massachusetts: The Figures, 2004 [printed November 2003].

Biting the Air. Cambridge: Equipage, 2003.

Poems. North Fremantle, Western Australia: Fremantle Arts Centre Press; Tarset, Northumberland: Bloodaxe Books, 2005.

To Pollen. London: Barque Press, 2006 [2nd printing, 2009].

Poems | Gedichte. [German translation (bilingual edition) of selected poems, by Ulf Stolterfoht and Hans Thill] Heidelberg: Verlag das Wunderhorn, 2007.

101 Poems. [Chinese translation (bilingual edition) of selected poems, by Li Zhimin (and others?)] Guangzhou: English Poetry Studies Institute, 2008.

Streak~~~Willing~~~Entourage / ‘Artesian’. London: Barque Press, 2009.

Pu Ling-en shi xuan: Han Ying dui zhao [ = Selected Poems by J.H. Prynne], ed. Ou Hong. [Chinese translation (bilingual edition) by English Poetry Studies Institute] Guangzhou: Zhongshan da xue chu ban she, 2010. [includes both poetry and prose, as well as essays by Ou Hong, Cao Shanke, Zhimin Li, Chen Shangzhen, and a list of publications of J.H. Prynne studies in China].

Sub  Songs. London: Barque Press, 2010.

Kazoo Dreamboats; or, On What There Is. Cambridge: Critical Documents, 2011 [2nd printing: Shenzhen (P.R. China): privately printed, 2012. [This 2nd printing, with the cover printed on blue paper, was produced and distributed [in a print run of 30–40 copies] at The Third National Conference on English Poetry Studies, sponsored by EPSAC (English Poetry Studies Association of China), and hosted by Shenzhen University (Shenzhen, P.R. China) during December 20th to 22nd of 2012].

Perles qui furent. [French translation of Pearls That Were, by Pierre Alferi] Marseille: Éric Pesty Éditeur, 2013.

Al-Dente. Cambridge: Face Press, 2014 [2nd printing, 2015].

Poems. Hexham, Northumberland: Bloodaxe Books, 2015.

The White Stones. [unaltered reprint of the 1969 text, as well as unaltered reprints of Day  Light  Songs and ‘A Note on Metal’, with an introduction by Peter Gizzi] New York: New York Review of Books, 2016.

Each to Each. Cambridge: Equipage, 2017.

OF · THE · ABYSS. Cambridge: Materials, April 2017.

The Oval Window: A New Annotated Edition, eds. N.H. Reeve and Richard Kerridge. [unaltered reprint of the 1983 text; the 1983 text annotated by N.H. Reeve; critical essays by Reeve and Richard Kerridge; and photographs and notes by the author] Hexham, Northumberland: Bloodaxe Books, 2018.

Or Scissel. Bristol: Shearsman Books, 2018.

Of Better Scrap. Cambridge: Face Press, [April] 2019.

Of Better Scrap [2nd, expanded and corrected, ed.]. Cambridge: Face Press, October 2019.

Parkland. Cambridge: Critical Documents, 2019 [printed March 2020].

Bitter Honey. [Talgarreg, Wales]: Legitimate Snack [an imprint of Broken Sleep Books], [May] 2020.

Squeezed White Noise. Cambridge: Face Press, [June] 2020.

Enchanter’s Nightshade. Cambridge: Face Press, 27 June 2020.

Memory Working: Impromptus. Cambridge: Face Press, June 2020.

Her Air Fallen. Cambridge: Critical Documents, 2020 [printed July 2020].

The Fever’s End. Cambridge: Critical Documents, 2020 [written circa May 2020, printed September 2020].

None Yet More Willing Told. Cambridge: Face Press, December 2019 [printed November 2020].

Orchard. Cambridge: Equipage, December 2020.

Passing Grass Parnassus. Cambridge: Face Press, December 2020.

Aquatic Hocquets. Cambridge: Face Press, December 2020.

Memory Working: Impromptus (XI–XVII). Cambridge: Face Press, December 2020.

Kernels in Vernal Silence. Cambridge: Face Press, [December] 2020.

Torrid Auspicious Quartz. Cambridge: Face Press, December 2020.

See By So. Cambridge: Face Press, December 2020.

Duets Infer Duty. Cambridge: Face Press, December 2020.

Presume Catkins. Talgarreg, Wales: Secret Sleep Books [an imprint of Broken Sleep Books], [March] 2021.

Otherhood Imminent Profusion. Cambridge: Critical Documents, 2020 [written September 2020, printed March 2021].

Athwart Apron Snaps. Seoul, South Korea: slub press, [March] 2021.

Three Books: High Pink on Chrome, Striking the Pavilion of Zero, High Zero, by J.H. Prynne, John James and Andrew Crozier [respectively]. [Unaltered reprint of J.H. Prynne, High Pink on Chrome (Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Ferry Press), 1975), as well as unaltered reprints of John James, Striking the Pavilion of Zero (London: Ian McKelvie, 1975) and Andrew Crozier, High Zero (Cambridge: Street Editions, 1978)]. Swindon: Shearsman Books, 2021.

Efflux Reference. Cambridge: Face Press, June 2021 [dated 20 June 2021].